Kevin Spacey ‘sends the elevator back down’ and volunteers in 3 short films. Article by Sharon Abella,

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By volunteering in 3 short films to help up and coming filmmakers compete in the ‘Jameson First Shot’ contest, acclaimed actor, Kevin Spacey, quoted his mentor, Jack Lemmon, stating, “I am sending the elevator back down,” because “this is what you are supposed to do. Jack Lemmon had a huge influence on me. When I was 13 years old, he encouraged me to go to New York and study acting.  I was a shy kid beginning to find self confidence and self esteem. People like Jack have been there for me,  took a chance on me, and took me under their wing. No matter what happens in my life and career, I don’t want to be too far away from that, so I know how Benjamin Leavitt (director of ‘The Ventriloquist,’ and winner of the ‘Jameson First Shot’ prize), is feeling.”

The three short films listed below,  1. “Spirit of a Denture,”  2. “Envelope,”  and 3. “The Ventriloquist,” were each made under $50,000.00, and all star Kevin Spacey.

‘Spirit of a Denture,’ is a 9 minute film about a dentist confronted with pirates and their decaying teeth.

‘Envelope,’ is a 17 minute film about a Russian man who writes letters to imaginary friends and addresses, knowing they will be returned labelled “wrong address” with cool  stamps marked on them,

and the winner of the “Jameson Whiskey First Shot” contest, “The Ventriloquist,” is about a lonely man who is down on his luck, and talks with his dummy.

Q&A from the “Highline Stages” in the heart of the Meatpacking District.

Article and Videography by Sharon Abella

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