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“Lemonade” is a riveting story about immigration, a questionable marriage of convenience, cultural differences, abuse of power, corruption, and the desire for a better life for an 8 year old boy.  Female Romanian film director, Ioana Uricaru, stated, “the idea for the story was sparked by a true story based on my own experiences of discovering the American way of life, and the differences between the American and Romanian worldviews.”

Plot: Romanian born, Mara, comes to the US on a temporary work visa to work as a healthcare professional in a medical facility.  While working she meets an American man, Daniel, who sustained an injury on the job and requires dialysis.  The two quickly marry and she quits her job and cares for him.  Mara is the mother of one son, 8 years old, from a previous marriage.  The boy, Dragos, comes to the US to live with his mother and her ‘friend.’  Mara and Daniel are interviewed separately by an immigration officer, Moji, who is investigating the legitimacy of their marriage. Moji accuses Mara of marriage fraud,  and begins to ask her why she never married her son’s biological father in Romania. As the immigration process becomes very controversial, she begins to find herself seeking guidance from attorneys.

‘Lemonade’ is the harsh reality of one young immigrant mother and her 8 year old son who are striving for the American dream.

Must see.

6:00 PM – THU 4/19
 5:45 PM – FRI 4/20
5:45 PM – SAT 4/21
8:00 PM – FRI 4/27



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