Lionsgate’s, “Warrior”, Article by Sharon Abella

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You may be thinking the same thing I was thinking which was, “Really?  Yet another  film about boxing?   Didn’t “The Fighter”  just come out last year?  And  wasn’t “The Fighter” 2010 that years, “Wrestler” 2008, while, “The Wrestler” 2008, was that years, “Invincible” 2006?   How many blue collar sports movies with heart  and substance abuse are going to ‘take what works and copy it'”?

HOWEVER, “Warrior” is different.  First off, this  Cain and Abel story is actually  about MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, and NOT boxing, wrestling, or football.    Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte), physically trains his son, Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) , while Alice Ward (Melissa Leo), managed Micky Ward  (Mark Wahlberg) and Dicky Eklund, (Christian Bale). “Warrior” is a story about pent up anger and underlying frustrations from estranged relationships between father and sons, alcohol abuse,  time served in the military, and the drive of how far one man will go to “not go backwards”, to be able to continue to make the mortgage payments in order to keep his  home and family together.  All of the  preceding factors added  fuel to fire, and their emotions get sorted out in the ring.  Suspenseful!  Terrific camerawork!  MUST SEE!

Article by Sharon Abella

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