“The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning”

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I have been promoting this film for over 2 years.

‘Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning’

Antarctica is one of the most undiscovered continents on Earth.  As global warming progresses, the added water from the accelerating melting of Antarctica’s land ice will cause a rise in the world’s sea levels, placing added pressure on the Earth’s surface, ultimately leading to more flooding, earthquakes and tsunami’s.  Cities near coasts will have to be built differently with more flood mechanisms. There will be major problems, and some scientists believe we are too late by twenty years.

Scientists report there will be a rise in temperature of 2 degrees over the next 100 years. This rise hinders the ability for krill, the primary food supply of penguins and all Antarctic life, to reproduce. If krill move out of the area, the penguins will have to find another food supply, and only species that are able to adapt will survive.

The documentary also discusses new life growing in places where it has never previously been before.

Is the ozone hole beyond repair?  Is global warming irreversible?

“The Antarctica Challenge”

Must see.

Sharon Abella


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