“The Kill Team” WINNER of the Best Documentary Award at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013!

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“Wow!”   All you can say is ‘Wow!’  From 8,000 miles away, stationed in Afghanistan, US Army Private Adam Winfield, cried for help.  He conversed with his father via facebook and told him that a few of the soldiers were killing innocent Afghan’s just for sport, or just for the fun of it, and that he finds it very offensive and immoral.  His dad was trying to help from the US, leaving phone messages for “the right people”. His calls were never returned. He knew that if he told authorities what was going on, he could put his son in jeopardy.  Photos began to surface of ringleader, Sergeant Calvin Gibbs, Jeremy  Morlock, and Michael Wagnon smiling over the bodies of innocent civilians, and the person who opposed this behaviour the most, Adam, found himself relunctantly along side of them.  Seemingly kind-hearted and too good for the Army, Adam, wanted to be deployed to Afghanistan, because he “thought he could do good and make a change, however, all that changed, when the army let him down, and  his concept of military honor and integrity of what you expect a soldier to be like, was shattered.   Adam explained how a few of the soldiers were bored, their deployment was not at all what they expected it to be like, so they set up innocent people, would place them next to weapons, hurt them, and  claim that the civilians approached them first, and that they acted in self defense and their actions, legitimate.  This posed a moral and ethical conundrum for Adam. He feared for his life, because if he didn’t go along with the bullies, and told on them, he could wind up hurt, as Sgt. Gibbs threatened, “snitches get stiches.” However, if he went along with the bullies, he could wind up in jail.

Was Adam held accountable for the actions of others that he disapproved of?

Did his whistleblowing result in his own demise?

Was he able to defend himself against the Government which he once fought for?

Although the outcomes of “the Team’s” trial are available on the internet, the documentary is a MUST SEE !!!

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