Leonardo DiCaprio is ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘A Great Guy’

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‘He who hesitates fails and regrets it the next day,’ exclaims the auctioneer  with a thick British accent at the ’11th Hour Auction’ held at ‘Christie’s’ 20 Rock location in NYC on Monday night.

Over 30 of today’s most important living contemporary artists including: BANKSY, PETER BEARD, MARK GROTJAHN, RICHARD PRINCE, BHARTI KHER, RAYMOND PETTIBON, STERLING RUBY, ROBERT LONGO, JULIAN SCHNABEL, AND TAKASHI MURAKAMI  donated  their works for charity. The proceeds went to “The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation,” which is dedicated to protecting Earth’s last wild places and fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world.  http://www.leonardodicaprio.org

Leo stated, “My Foundation has worked on environmental issues since 1998, and despite the great efforts by organizations all over the world, our planet is in trouble. The modern world is placing enormous pressure on the very natural systems that sustain us; we are destroying our forests, polluting the air and water, overfishing our oceans and facing overwhelming extinction rates of plants and animals.  Consequently less than 2% of our Oceans and 12% of our forests and wildlands are protected. Nature is abundant and it is resilient, but we have to take action now to protect our planet before it is too late. Given that less that 2% of philanthropic giving goes to environmental conservation projects, we are grateful that ‘Christie’s’ and the participating artists are providing this incredible opportunity.”

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Many good times and laughs were had by well respected names in the art and film world including, Tobey Maguire, Salma Hayek, Bradley Cooper, Mark Ruffalo, Larry Gagosian, and Tony Shafrazi. Highlights from the evening included, the prices of four works were doubled by the benefactor, the auctioneer mistook Leo for bidding $600,000 on Joe Bradley’s ‘Muggles’, when in reality he was waving to a friend, however, Mr. DiCaprio did purchase the Takashi Murakami for $700,000, and Larry Gagosian’s $5 million bid on the Mark Grotjahn ‘Bird of Paradise’ oil on cardboard was out shined with a final selling price of $6.2 million.

Lot 1: Banksy, PROTECT FROM ALL ELEMENTS:    $300,000

Lot 2: Sherrie Levine: JAVELINA:   $180,000

Lot 3: Sterling Ruby: SP231:   $1,700,000

Lot 4: Robert Longo, LEO:  $1,500,000

Lot 5: George Condo: FRANKENSTORM:  $800,000

Lot 6: Andreas Gursky: OCEAN V: $600,000

Lot 7: Julian Schnabel, UNTITLED: $350,000

Lot 8: Raymond Pettibon: THE LOWER HALF: $1,500,000

Lot 9: Mark Grotjahn: BIRD OF PARADISE: $6,200,000

Lot 10: Neo Rauch: BEERENPFLUCKER 1:  $ 800,000

Lot 11: Carol Bove: UNTITLED: $300,000

Lot 12: Joe Bradley: MUGGLES: $650,000

Lot 13: Zeng Fanzhi: THE TIGER: $4,800,000

Lot 14: Rudolf Stingel: UNTITLED: $950,000

Lot 15: Bharti Kher: THE SKIN SPEAKS A LANGUAGE NOT ITS OWN:    $1,700,000

Lot 16: Urs Fischer: GOOD PROBLEM: $1,050,000

Lot 17: Anis Kapoor: UNTITLED:   $700,000

Lot 18: Takashi Murakami, MONONOKE: $700,000

Lot 19: Walton Ford: ANTHROPONOSIS: $800,000

Lot 20: Richard Prince: SILHOUETTE COWBOY:   $1,200,000

Lot 21: Adam McEwen: UNTITLED: $300,000

Lot 22: John Currin, BRINDA:   $150,000


Lot 24: Elizabeth Peyton: LEONARDO:  $1,000,000

Lot 25: Sergej Jensen: UNTITLED: $250,000

Lot 26: Rob Pruitt: 6:20pm LATE SUMMER: $300,000

Lot 27: Cecily Brown: UNTITLED: $420,000

Lot 28: Mark Ryden: QUEEN BEE:  $680,000

Lot 29: Dan Colen: CRUCIFY ME:  $680,000

Lot 30: Edward Ruscha: BLISS BUCKET: $350,000

Lot 31: Peter Beard: THE EDGE OF THE WORLD:   $260,000

Lot 32: Kai Althoff: UNTITLED:  $150,000

Lot 33: Cady Noland: UNTITLED: $150,000

Article by Sharon Abella


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