“WEB” Travel to Antuyo, Peru where young students are given laptops for the first time!

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In 2004, Bill Clinton tells Cornell University’s graduating class, “We can not escape each other. We are interdependent, and living in an era that is bringing people together for common good.” He suggests reading ‘Nonzero’ by Robert Wright.


Travel to the remote areas of Antuyo (population 100), and Purus, Peru, where many work in agriculture and ranching, have never traveled very far from home, and some, live without electricity. Observe as the students in the towns are given a $100 laptop computer as part of the One Laptop per Child initiative (an initiative to deliver laptops to children living in developing areas as a way to eliminate poverty by providing primary education for school/play).

Two of the students (Roy and Bernardo), bring the laptops home to show their parents. What are their concerns? Do the students need to see the rest of the world via internet, and learn about other nations and cultures? Should they be learning how to build roads and continue to work on developing the land around them within their own communities? Can the internet help them better their lives? What are the pro’s and con’s when the most remote, isolated areas of the world become interconnected?

Follow Director Michael Kleiman as he documents Peruvian students reactions to their first time on the “WEB” at Documentary NYC

2:00 PM, Sat. Nov. 16, 2013 – IFC Center – Buy Tickets

5:00 PM, Tue. Nov. 19, 2013 – IFC Center – Buy Tickets


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