“Human Capital”/”Il Capitale Umano” at The Tribeca Film Festival

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“Human Capital,” in Italian with English subtitles, is set in Italy and France, stars two of Italy’s finest actresses, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Carla), and Valeria Golino (Roberta Morelli), and is part of the World Narrative Competition.

Divided into four chapters, all the shots are reshot from a different characters perspective, their lives intersect, they all know one another, and they are all in crisis; exploring feelings of loneliness, being a social outcast, losing wealth, gaining wealth, failure, relationships, cover up’s, extortion, and integrity.

It begins with an average middle class man (Dino), who owns a real estate agency, and would like to buy into (Giovanni) a wealthy tennis partners’ hedge fund. Dino signs away 700,000 Euros that he doesn’t have, with the intentions of making a 30-40% profit, meanwhile, his significant other (Roberta), tells him that she is pregnant.

Six months later, Dino and Roberta are at a gala, where Dino’s daughter’s boyfriend, Massimiliano, is competing for an award. Massimiliano is also the hedge fund owner’s son. Roberta is expecting twins, and begins to have contractions at the dinner table and needs to leave for the hospital asap. Roberta’s car keys are handed off to Serena (the real estate agent’s grown daughter), who was instructed to drive Roberta’s car home. Massimiliano loses the competition, and goes out partying afterwards to drown his sorrows in alcohol, meanwhile, a bicyclist gets hit by a car on the road and is found severely injured in a ditch. Now it becomes a whodunnit, as many of them were out on the road at that time for different reasons.

How much are human lives from different classes worth?

Very interesting. Very well done, and EXTREMELY well acted.

So far, the best Narrative I have seen.

“Human Capital” is playing THREE more times.

4/21 at 10pm
4/22 at 6pm
4/27 at 2:30pm

Article by Sharon Abella
One World Cinema

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