“Time Out of Mind”

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“This is the proudest I’ve ever been of any project I’ve ever done.”-Richard Gere

“This film offers perspective and compassion.”-Oren Moverman

“I want people to watch this film, and get human.”-Ben Vereen

“This is a story of a story that never gets told.”-Jena Malone

Filmed entirely in NYC, with the camera lenses far out of sight, many passerby’s were led to believe that Richard Gere and Ben Vereen were, in fact, just two anonymous homeless men. Ben Vereen shared, “No one recognized us. They didn’t want to see us.”

“Time Out of Mind” is a fictional drama that allows the viewer to gain insight into a population that is so often ignored, without it actually being a documentary about the homeless. Richard Gere plays, George, a fairly high functioning homeless man, who in the first scene, we find sleeping in a bathtub, squatting in a dilapidated apartment building. He is kicked out by a construction worker when he comes in to do repairs.

“Do you have any money, because my wallet got stolen.”-George

From bench to bench, bar to bar, hospital Emergency Department to hospital Emergency Department, George, who stated, until recently, that he had been living with his lady friend named, Sheila, is unwanted everywhere he turns. Begging for change, asking for money to buy Metro Cards, riding the subways, listening to people cough and watching fights break out in the shelter systems, drinking hard alcohol to stay warm, eating at unsanitary food pantries, searching through garbage cans, seeking out churches, getting aggravated by social workers who “want what is best for him without getting to know who he really is first,” bonding with other homeless friends, and attempting to rekindle an estranged relationship with his daughter, eventually you discover what led George into the situation he is in.

3.5/5 stars

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