Song One -opens at the Angelika in NYC, on demand, and on itunes on Jan 23, 2015

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‘Song One’ is an 88 minute Brooklyn summer romance-indie-hipster drama starring Oscar winner Anne Hathaway (Franny), and West London folk singer, Johnny Flynn (James Forester). Franny, who is studying for her PhD in anthropology in Morocco, receives a call from her mother stating that her brother, Henry, has been hit by a car crossing the street, is in a coma in the hospital, and asks that she return to NYC.  Franny visits her brother in the hospital often, and by searching through his belongings, listening to songs he has played, musical videos he has recorded, and journal entries he has written, gets to know what his likes are and where his interests lie. She stumbles upon an unused ticket for a musician that he really respects, James Forester, at the Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey Street on June 1, 2013. She attends the show, and approaches the acoustic guitarist/violinist at the end, asking him if he might have known Henry personally.  James did not know Henry personally, however, demonstrates empathy, and visits Franny, while she is visiting Henry in the hospital.  Franny and James begin reliving her brother’s Williamsburg musical lifestyle, while recording sounds of NYC that he might be familiar with, meanwhile, continuing to visit him in a coma, playing the recordings for him, and getting to know one another on a deeper, more personal level.


Album Preview (30 second snippets from the album) –

“In April” Lyric Video –

Album Preview –

“In April” Full Song –

The movie is cute.

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