Oculus Rift-Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Gaming

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What is a 3D Virtual Reality Headset?

When you place the headset on over your head and eyes, 5 icons and a blue cursor appear. On this headset, there are 5 icons that represent 5 short films: 1. ‘Evolution of Verse,’ 2. ‘SNL Jeopardy-Lorne,’ 3. ‘SNL 40 Q & A-Creators,’ 4.’Clouds Over Sidra,’ and 5. ‘Vice’ News.

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Now, move your head until the blue cursor is over one of the five icons of the short film you wish to view and press the button on the side. Place the headphones on, and stand in an area away from others. As the film runs, you are able to turn your head in any direction, literally up, down, left, right, or behind, and you feel as though you are completely submerged in the movie. Of course, at first it is a strange sensation because you will look down and not see your feet, or look up and not see the ceiling. You are submerged in the Virtual Reality, or VR film.

For example, “Evolution of Verse,” is a 3.5-minute short film that places users in a serene mountainous landscape with streamers coming out of the sky and a baby extending it’s hand and giving a soft smile, meanwhile, meditational music is playing. As you turn your head, you will see the panoramic, 360 degree view.

Produced by Unicef, the virtual film, “Clouds Over Sidra,” created by Gabo Arora, and Chris Milk, is approximately 7 minutes long and narrated by a 12 year old girl named Sidra, who is a Syrian refugee living in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. 3.7 million Syrians have fled the war and as of March 26, 2015, the camp population was estimated at 83,000 refugees.

The refugees walk for days to cross the desert in Jordan. The 12 year old, 5th grader, Sidra, appears sitting on couch cushions on the floor. She, and her family have been living in the camp for 1 and 1/2 years. She explains how she likes cloudy days because she feels as if she is under a cover, like a blanket.

The film depicts scenes in Sidra’s classroom, where she and her other female classmates, dressed in religious garb, are waiting to be called on by their teacher. Turn your head to your left and see their teacher. Visit a bakery where a kiln is preparing pita bread, clothes lines are drying laundry in the hot desert sun, and their family sits on the floor eating a Mediterranean style dinner. The Syrian boys play on the computers, lift weights, and wrestle, while the girls take turns playing soccer.

Very endearing and eye-opening.

This technology could easily be used as a teaching/learning tool, for example, to demonstrate surgeries to surgeons, etc.

Must try!

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