‘Virgin Mountain’ Tribeca Winner 3 Categories!

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Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Winner for:

1. The Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature-Dagu Kari
2. Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Film- Gunnar Jonsson
3. Best Screenplay for a Narrative Feature Film

Both men AND women will fall in love with the lead character in ‘Virgin Mountain.” A shy, quiet man, who believes that actions speak louder than words, is named Fusi!


‘Virgin Mountain’ (Iceland/Denmark), is a 94 minute feature film by director, writer, musician, and the Head of the Director’s Program at ‘The National Film School of Denmark,’ Dagur Kari. ‘Virgin Mountain’ was VERY well received by the film reviewers at the pre-festival press screenings, including myself.

Question for the Director, Dagur Kari:

“What makes ‘Virgin Mountain’ a universal movie that people around the world can relate to?

Answer: “Well, it is an inspirational story about a man taking a significant step into the rest of his life. This is something that most people can relate to, I hope. Furthermore, I think that we have all felt the guilt of having misjudged someone.”

Poor Fusi. Who is Fusi, you ask? Fusi works as a baggage handler at the airport, and is being taunted and bullied by his co-workers for being overweight. He is shy, in his early 40’s, and still living at home with his mom. His family buys him lessons to country line dancing classes to encourage him to get out and meet people.

It works! Fusi does, in fact, meet a spunky, funny, personable young woman, and the two begin spending time together.

You have to really pay attention, watch and observe the real Fusi in action, and you will fall in love!!! What a nice man!

WED 4/22 at 5:30 PM Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 8

Article by Sharon Abella

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