“Uncertain” Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Winner: New Documentary Director Award

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Directors Anna Sandilands and Ewan McNicol were recognized with the Tribeca Film Festival’s Albert Maysles New Documentary Director Award for their feature film UNCERTAIN.

Caddo Lake lies on the border between Texas and Louisiana.
On the Texan side of ‘Big Lake’/’Caddo Lake,’ lies a small fishing town named ‘Uncertain,’ with a population of 94.

What is there to do in Uncertain, Texas?

Well, you can hunt, fish, drink, farm, and hide from the law, but don’t expect to find a girlfriend, as most women get married and move away, and don’t expect to dream too large.


“Uncertain” follows four men who are residents in the town.

1. A botanist who is trying to help save the lake from the Salvinia, or floating ferns, which appeared on Caddo Lake in 2006, and by late 2013 had spread to cover an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 acres. Giant salvinia is an aggressive, free-floating aquatic fern native to South America that can double in size in four to 10 days. The fast-growing plant can interfere with water recreation, displace native vegetation and reduce oxygen content of the water, often harming fish and other aquatic life. The plant has invaded 17 Texas lakes and countless other water bodies in the southeastern U.S. The hope is that by releasing weevils or beetles out on to these lakes, that they will help to control the overgrowth of the salvinia plants.

2. A convicted felon who hunts boars with a rifle that would be illegal for him to carry if he lived just a few miles east over the Louisiana state border.

3. An elderly African American male who started going to church once his wife passed away, who enjoys fishing from his row boat on Sundays, and who also has a past.

4. A young man with Diabetes, who spends time drinking at the bar, that would like to move out and create a better life than ‘Uncertain’ can offer.

An additional screening of “Uncertain” added:

Sunday, April 26 at 5:30 pm at the Regal Battery Park.

Article by Sharon Abella

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