The Human Rights Watch Film Festival -New York-June 10 to 19th

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‘Almost Sunrise,’ is an open and honest documentary that discusses the emotional demons and moral injuries that some veterans face upon returning home from tours of war. What is a ‘Moral Injury’?  ‘Moral injury is a wound to the soul caused by participation in events that violate one’s deeply held sense of right and wrong.’

Being sent to combat at a young age, wondering why they were doing the things they were doing, yet being unable to question it, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson felt as if they have done something morally wrong and wondered if they could ever be forgiven for their actions. Even years after returning home from war, they felt a deep sense of guilt, shame and anger. The therapy that the soldiers found solace and comfort from is a must for every healthcare provider to learn from.

Tom and Anthony walked 2700 miles in approximately 5 months, from the War Memorial in Milwaukee, WI to the Santa Monica Pier, in LA, raising awareness for vets, and restoring some level of faith and trust from the kindness they received from strangers they met along the way. The goal of the walk: to change the narrative, promote wellness, and change legislation.

Can they forgive and be forgiven?  Can their futures be brighter than their pasts? What healing and therapy techniques were used?

‘Almost Sunrise’ screens at the New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival on Saturday, June 11th at 9:15pm at IFC Center, and Monday, June 13th at 6:30pm at Lincoln Center.

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