“Water Warriors”

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Can the land holders, protectors, and Water Warriors of Mi’kma’ki, New Brunswick, Canada (near Maine), scare off a large energy company (SWN), based out of Houston, Texas, who were awarded a license in 2010 to explore their province for oil and natural gas?

An indiginous female begins the 22 minute short stating, “Water is the gift of life. Nothing in this world can live without water. As women, we have a special relationship with water as we too are life givers, and carry children for nine months beneath our hearts, in water.”

Hydraulic fracturing extracts natural gas from underground shale rock by forcing a mixture of water, toxic chemicals, and sand deep into the Earth. Millions of gallons of this fracking fluid are used to break apart the rock, creating fissures in the Earth, and access to the gas below.

In the Summer of 2013, the thumper and work trucks arrived to bang down on the earth and read the results like an ultrasound to see if there is any shale gas below.

The locals decided to send out an eviction notice to SWN to remove their trucks, and a raid between the protestors, SWN security, and police, broke out. The raid made national news and new supporters to the cause for clean water began to add fuel to the fire.

Will the power of the people, who care deeply about the health of current and future generations, lead to a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, and and eviction of SWN?

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