“Dalya’s Other Country”

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“Other Country Films” presents this one hour and fifteen minute documentary by Julia Metzer about, Dalya, a young Muslim teenage girl,  and her mother, Rudanya, who had no choice but to leave war torn Syria to come and live with her son, Mustafa, in Los Angeles in 2012. When both Rudanya’s marriage, and her country fell apart, Rudanya, a US citizen, came to LA, and enrolled, Dalya, in an all girls Catholic school with other young girls from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities.

Dalya, and her family discuss their concerns about being Muslim Americans, and what the impact of growing up in a Western country might have on Dalya, as she enrolls in an all female basketball team, learns to dance hip-hop, wears make-up, attends dances and formals, has female friends from varied backgrounds, and has desires and ambitions to attend college, and graduate school.  She discusses her viewpoints on marriage, and her life as a Muslim in the US during the 2016 presidential debates.

Dalya’s mother, Rudanya, discusses her marriage and divorce from a Muslim man, and his desire to marry a second wife, and what it was like to go from being a homemaker in Syria, to being a business woman in Los Angeles.

Dalya’s brother, Mustafa, discusses what it is like to become the head of the household and father-figure to Dalya.

Dalya’s father, Mohammed, discusses his desire to stay in Mersin, Turkey or Syria, rather than living the good life in the US.

“Dalya’s Other Country”


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