“For Sama” Winner of the Documentary Feature at SXSW

March 14, 2019 § Leave a comment

Waad is a young mother and journalist married to a doctor named Hamza.  Hamza runs a hospital in war-torn Aleppo during the height of the siege in 2016.  Eight out of the nine hospitals in the area have been destroyed, while miraculously, his remains functioning.  The film documents the time leading up to the siege, the devastation, the day to day occurrences within the hospital, Waad and Hamza’s wedding, the delivery of their first daughter, Sama, and the relationships with their friends and family.  Sama spends the first year of her life living in the hospital that her father works in.  Their family exemplifies pride, bravery, and passion in their fight to save lives and educate the masses, all in the name of justice, freedom, Aleppo, Syria, friends who passed,  families in exile, the children, and, of course, “For Sama.”  Intense.



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