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‘The Who’s’ Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon, probably wanted to ask aspiring ‘band managers’ and ‘film directors’ Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, “Who are you?”

Back in the 1960’s, Christopher ‘Kit’ Sebastian Lambert and Christopher Thomas ‘Chris’ Stamp‘s intentions were to discover a Rock and Roll band and then make a film about them, as their entryway into the film industry.

Lambert and Stamp stumbled upon “High Numbers” in a pub, or “The Who” before their name changed to ‘The Who’. Their original intention was to make a film about them, and not to become the band’s managers, however, they wound up doing both.

1967-‘The Who’s European Tour’- ‘The Who’ really liked ‘Lambert and Stamp’ as they were confident salesman, even though they faked it until they made it, as they admittedly didn’t know anything about managing a band, knew nothing about Rock and Roll, and had NO connections. They were merely going through the motions, and only said that they were managers. Kit had courage and took risks, while Chris Stamp was NOT afraid of authority.

Pete Townshend- a little about that time period. “We were from middle class, working class, post-WWII families. The older generation clashed with the younger, especially when and if you disobeyed authority. We didn’t think that time period of pop music would last more than a couple of years.”

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