“Get Happy”

March 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

Get Happy! – is a debut feature film by Manoj Annadurai,  that premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival!  It won best Romantic Comedy at the Manhattan Film Festival.

The title of the film sounds shallow, however, the romantic comedy, in actuality, is pretty deep, and very enjoyable to watch.  Charlie is a young professional, living in NYC. He has a sullen, depressed personality, and his close friends think that if he were to just start dating Abby, the coffee barista, that he will find happiness. The date goes terribly wrong (from bringing her daisies that she’s allergic to, to picking a ‘boring’ restaurant for older couples), and it ends early. However, as he walks away from the date with Abby downcast, he meets, Holly, a spunky,  blonde ‘manic pixie dreamgirl,’ who understands Charlie, and gets him to focus on the bright side of life. His life does turn to the more positive side, however, now his close friend is jealous, thinks his happiness is phony, and wants Charlie to return to his depressed state.  Fate ultimately takes matters into it’s own hands, and Charlie, Holly, Abby, and his friends have to face their fears that the ‘phony’ happiness was trying to suppress.

An interesting story about life’s ups and downs, and how you will never fully appreciate the ups, unless you have some downs.

“Get Happy” is one to watch on the Film Festival circuit.  Encourage and support filmmakers!

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