“The First Monday in May”

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Welcome to the Opening Night of the Tribeca Film Festival 2016!


Although paintings, architecture and sculpture are often revered in the art world, fashion and film are undeniably art forms as well.  From the initial stages of the creative process, the implementation and collaborative phases, to the end result of hosting the world-renowned Gala at ‘The Metropolitan Museum of Art,’ with the most influential names in society wearing photography worthy designer dresses, the decisive, Anna Wintour, is one of the main driving forces behind the major fashion fundraising exhibition, held annually, on ‘The First Monday in May.’

In the documentary, the curator of the Costume Exhibit at the Met, Andrew Bolton, ‘tries to trust his own judgment and not listen to what other people are saying.’  In 2014, access was granted to capture the creation of “China: Through the Looking Glass,” a collaboration between the Costume Institute and the Department of Asian Art. The show demonstrated how Western designers look to China for inspiration, using intricately embroidered silks,  blue and white porcelain inspired fabrics, and influences from Chinese Operas, and films, including Wong Kar Wai’s, ‘In the Mood for Love.”

Was “China: Through the Looking Glass,”  more influential than the Alexander McQueen, “Savage Beauty” exhibition? How many people attended?

Next screening: April 14, 2016 at 9pm. Regal 5.

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