“Strike a Pose”

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“Truth or Dare?” “Express Yourself” “Strike a Pose”


Seven back up dancers (six gay, one straight),  joined Madonna on her “Blond Ambition” World Tour back in 1990. Madonna used that tour and the “Truth or Dare”documentary to shed light on gay rights,  AIDS awareness, and encouraging people to open up about their sexuality.  However, if you recall, there was a controversial kissing scene between two men in the film, and one of the men was ashamed of this kiss. He asked Madonna if she would cut the scene out of the documentary, as this would ‘out’ him to his family and friends, and when she refused,  three of the dancers filed a lawsuit against her.

25 year later, “Strike a Pose” discusses how the dancers have had a very difficult time living an ‘open’ life, are afraid to be the liberated men they portrayed on stage, and still to this day, have had a difficult time being themselves due to the judgmental beliefs of others.  Sad.

4/18 3:15pm BTC4

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