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Renowned choreographer and dancer, Benjamin Millepied, takes you behind the scenes during his time in the position as Director of Dance at the Opera National de Paris. Observe the dancers rehearse as they prepare for the upcoming gala performance of  ‘La Fille mal gardée (English: The Wayward Daughter, literal translation: “The Poorly Guarded Girl” and also known as The Girl Who Needed Watching) is a comic ballet, presented in two acts, inspired by Pierre-Antoine Baudouin‘s 1789 painting, La réprimande/Une jeune fille querellée par sa mère.’

What was most impressive in the film, aside from the graceful ballet choreography, was Benjamin’s terrific rapport with the troupe.  He knew the main female dancers; Leonore Baulac, Eleonore Guerineau, Aubane Philbert, Marion Barbeau, Letizia Galloni, Laurene Levy, Ida Viikinkoski, Jennifer Visocchi, and the main male dancers; Axel Ibot, Florimond Lorieux, Germain Louvet, Allister Madin, Hugo Marchand, Marc Moreau, Yvon Demol and Jeremy-Loup Quer, were a good group. As a result, his style reflected generosity without being militaristic, allowing them freedom, and complimenting them often.  He was grateful and thankful to the group for all of their hard work, which was very impressive.

“When I dance, I can communicate in a way and say things I can’t say in everyday life.”

Question: ‘What was it like having the film crew present?’

Benjamin Millepied: “I soon forgot about them. Their presence was more of a pleasure than a discomfort. I was quite at ease.”

Question: ‘You are sketching and taking photographs throughout the film. Do you enjoy taking photos?’

Benjamin Millepied: “Yes, I love taking photographs. It’s difficult to capture the beauty of an instant through the imagination alone. Filming is quite simply a tool for doing my job. Video allows me to take a certain distance from my ballet, to correct and improve it.”

Question: ‘What did you think when you saw ‘Reset’?’

Benjamin Millepied: “It was very interesting to see myself at work in the theater. The distance helped me understand a lot of things.”

Question: ‘Which films about dance left a great impression on you?’

Benjamin Millepied: “The Red Shoes,” “Black Swan,” “White Nights,” and “Singin’ In the Rain”

“Reset” is directed by Thierry Demaiziere and Alban Teurlai. They followed Benjamin every step during the creative process all the way up through the gala opening night.

Directors: “The visual approach is unadorned, shunning sophistication, yet carefully framed and focused. This results in a resolutely documentary look, but with an artistic touch which makes this a theatrica film. We want the spectator to be immersed in this universe, consciously or not, and to be faced with a story that has never before been told in this way, with the distinct feeling of being plunged into a genuine narrative.”

Music written by American composer, Nico Muhly.

4/21: 9pm BTC7

4/22: 9pm BTC7

4/23: 2:30pm RGL4

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