“United Skates”

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Winner of the Audience Award in the Documentary Competition at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018.  Roller rinks across America have been around for 30 to 40 years or longer, and are credited with hosting hip-hop and rap artists as a place where they could feel welcomed to perform.  Some may say that hip hop and rap were born out of the skating world.  The rinks have long been a place where those in the African American communities could go and meet up with one another, unwind, and feel free to express themselves through music, rhythm, dance, and motion, while providing a sense of culture and community.  World on Wheels, Skateland, Shake and Bake, and Rich City, are known to LA/Compton, New York/New Jersey, Baltimore, Chicago, and North Carolina, with each one having their own sense of style and musical selections. Sadly, many of the rinks have high real estate taxes, and struggle to keep up.  As rinks are forced to close across the country, the die hard skaters do what they have to do to keep their love and passion alive, and start traveling to get to the rinks that do stay open.


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