“House of Hummingbird”

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Eun-hee is a 14 -year-old girl in the 8th grade living in Seoul, Korea.  Her teacher tells the class not to waste time going out on dates, or singing at karaoke bars, and to study hard to prepare for acceptance into Seoul National University.  Eun-hee wants to act her age and do what the teacher says she shouldn’t do; sing in karaoke after school, and go out on dates. Eun-hee’s family life is dysfunctional, and her father is also very strict putting pressure on her to study harder and pass exams.  She finds solace with a her new teacher, Young-Ji, and her best friend. More pressure is added when news strikes about Eun-hee’s health and Young-Ji’s fate.

-Matija Strnsia is the Berlin-based composer behind House of Hummingbird.

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