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Travel to Cameroon where 14 year old Edith seeks surgery to remove a tumor from her jaw.  Very inspirational.  Tribeca Cinema 360, Virtual Arcade at Spring Studios.

“American Relapse”

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Follow two recovering heroin addicts, Frankie and Allie, as they try to help other drug addicts by placing them in REPUTABLE treatment facilities in Florida. Shot over a 72 hour time frame, the film demonstrates the battles users face, the recovery process, and why they find it so hard to break the 360 degree cycle, often relapsing.

Opens at Cinema Village in NYC and the Laemmle Monica Film Center in LA on March 29,, 2019.

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, and Amazon (VOD), beginning on April 2, 2019.




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In 1900, there were 100,000 tigers living in the wild.  Today, there are less than 4,000.  Observe experts as they risk their lives in order to protect and save these endangered animals from poachers and extinction in the South and Far Eastern parts of the world. “Tigerland” takes you into Bikin National Park (The Russian Amazon), Kanha National Park (India), and the Siberian Taiga, to demonstrate how these holy symbols of power act in their natural habitats, explain the reasons why they are being threatened, laws and wildlife protection acts that have been enforced, and discuss the different types of tigers and how many there are left.

Opens this Friday, March 29, 2019 in NYC at Cinema Village and March 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, at the Monica Center. Also available on Discovery Go.


“For Sama” Winner of the Documentary Feature at SXSW

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Waad is a young mother and journalist married to a doctor named Hamza.  Hamza runs a hospital in war-torn Aleppo during the height of the siege in 2016.  Eight out of the nine hospitals in the area have been destroyed, while miraculously, his remains functioning.  The film documents the time leading up to the siege, the devastation, the day to day occurrences within the hospital, Waad and Hamza’s wedding, the delivery of their first daughter, Sama, and the relationships with their friends and family.  Sama spends the first year of her life living in the hospital that her father works in.  Their family exemplifies pride, bravery, and passion in their fight to save lives and educate the masses, all in the name of justice, freedom, Aleppo, Syria, friends who passed,  families in exile, the children, and, of course, “For Sama.”  Intense.



One World Cinema

The 18th Annual Tribeca Film Festival April 24 – May 5, 2019!

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The 18th annual Tribeca Film Festival shorts competition exemplifies racial and gender equality. With 63 diverse short films from 19 countries, 45 percent of the films are directed by women.   The Tribeca Film Festival 2019!    Tribecafilm.com


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Winner of the the Founders Award for Best U.S. Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018.

“Diane” is a woman in her 60’s/70’s, who her friends and family can count on.  She is a mother who has never stopped caring, and truly values those close to her.  She can be found holding the hand of her dying cousin at her hospital bedside, at the dinner table gossiping with her relatives over a home cooked meal, at a soup kitchen dishing out meals to the homeless with her best friend, or making frequent visits to her drug-addicted son’s apartment to try to get him help.  As she begins to lose her loved ones, she reflects back on her life, and her one sin that her family has held over her head for her entire life.





“Notes from Dunblane”

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Winner of the Best Documentary Short at The Tribeca Film Festival 2018.

“Notes from Dunblane, Lessons from a School Shooting”

On Wednesday, March 13, 1996 at 9:35 am, Thomas Hamilton (43 years old), entered the games hall at Dunblane Primary School in Dunblane, Scotland, shooting 16 children (aged 6-7 years old), and one teacher dead, before turning the gun on himself.  It remains the deadliest mass shooting in British history.  Following this school massacre, the United Kingdom had passed some of the toughest gun reform legislation in the world.   The Cullen Reports (the result of the inquiry into the massacre), and the “Snowdrop” campaign, lead to tighter laws on gun ownership, changes in school security, and vetting of people who work with children under age 18.

On December 14, 2012 at 9:35am, Adam Lanza (20 years old),  entered the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT, and shot 20 children (aged 6-7 years old), six adult staff members, and his mother, before turning the gun on himself.  While some states, including Connecticut, have passed tougher gun laws, little has been done in the United States.

Monsignor Basil O’Sullivan, a priest from Dunblane reached out to Monsignor Bob Weiss of Newtown, and offered support.  He visited Newtown on the one year anniversary after the tragedy and offered solace to the community.

There have been over 1600 mass shootings since that time.  The US has had no federal reform to date.


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